For post-arrival introductions and the embrace of a drink, our 80m2 room to the left of the entrance provides a perfect setting.


The center of the upper space, the brightest room of the building, welcomes guests in a mesmerizing interior height and exciting layout options over 150m2.


An additional room to the hall, the Separé serves as a perfect hinterland or can even be used for receiving guests in its 60m2 space.


Our three smaller, configurable "office" sections hold numerous possibilities within 100m2.



Step into another world. Our "Bar" section is suitable for catering the lower area and serving registrations, while also excelling as a lobby. Comfortably accommodating for 40 people in this 70m2 space.


Perfect view of Downtown. Our "Gallery" section can serve as a full-fledged level, as it can host 60 people in round table, row, and standing reception arrangements. Notably, this level also houses a women's and a men's restroom.


The heart of the lower area... Our "Downtown" section is customizable in every aspect and boasts exceptional features. With its nearly 5-meter ceiling height and an area of 210m2, it can accommodate more than 150 people. Available in round table, row seating, and standing reception layouts.


Located next to the downtown catering area, the backstage is perfect as a hinderland, or as it's name suggest a hidden area for background operations or VIP personel.